Cordycep [Double Extraction – Vinaigre de cidre de Pomme] Cordyceps militaris


A potent ally when it comes to improving stamina, lung capacity, reducing stress or enhance ones sexual and reproductive capacities. Its usage in traditional medicine covers asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, coughs and colds, jaundice & alcoholic hepatitis.

Extractions by decoction allow for concentrated polysaccharides (Beta-glacane, glycoproteine and other elements of heavy moleculare weight) to be consumed. Our double extraction in apple cider vinegar offers the option for this natural health supplement to be consumed by individuals of all ages and who may prefer a dealcoholized option. Offering in addition to the benefits of the medicinal mushrooms, the benefits of ACV for the gut and its added minerals.

Posology: 5 ml in water, tea, coffee or juice morning and night.

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