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Mycomedicinal Maple Syrup – Reishi, Chaga & Turkey Tail

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Extracted in maple water during the preperation of the syrup, our medicinal mushroom selection diffuses its active principles during a very slow decoction, allowing for a remarquable concentration level of polysaccharides.

Delicious introduction to therapeutic alimentation, our mycomedicinal maple syrup includes a selection of medicinal mushrooms used since millenia in traditional medicine. Antioxydant, immunomodulant, tonifying for the liver, thus easing it’s detoxifying action.


Medicinal Ingredients : Reishi* (Ganoderma lucidium), Chaga* (Inonotus obliquus), Turkey Tail* (Trametes versicolor)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients : Maple Syrup

* Cultivated in Montreal (Quebec) without pesticides or fertilizer

* Harvested in Québec (Canada) with the greatest respect for the environment

Dosage : Use to replace sugar in recipes and drinks or on a tea spoon (5ml) morning and night