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Coriolus Double Extraction Trametes versicolor


Nowadays in Japan, 25% of investments in research on anti-cancer treatments is focused on the Turkey tail mushroom.

Used in native traditional medicine, since centuries, in greeting rituals for newborns as well as to treat skin irritations in the general population. Trametes versicolor is today at the heart of protocols linked to anti-cancer treatments, especially breast, colon and stomach cancers. Its remarkable antiviral effects have been demonstrated in hundreds of studies.

The Turkey tail double extraction offers a concentration of active biosoluble ingredients that greatly protects the immune system. Source of fungal antioxydants, this product stimulates vitality.

Extractions by decoction allow for concentrated polysaccharides (Beta-glucane, glycoproteine and other elements of heavy molecular weight) to be integrated in the final liquid product. Extractions in Alcohol allows us to isolate antioxydants (terpenes, triterpeenoïdes, inositols, ergosterols, sterols et mycoflavenoïdes).

Posology: 5 ml in water, tea, coffee or juice morning and night.


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