Medicinal Mushroom Powder & Liquid Extracts

FNG Fungi medicinal mushroom extractions constitute of a selection of fungi that have been used worldwide for millennia. Traditional medicine recognizes their multiple properties; Antioxydant, immunostimulating, adaptogen & liver tonifying thus facilitating its detoxifying function.

All the mushrooms used for extraction are grown in-house in Montreal in the tradition of regenerative farming (organic mushrooms farming, circular economy, urban farming, familly herbalist) or harvested locally in Eastern Canada.

Extractions by decoction allow for concentrated polysaccharides (Beta-glacane, glycoproteine and other elements of heavy moleculare weight) to be integrated in the final liquid product.

Extractions in alcohol allow for the isolation of antioxydants (terpenes, triterpenoides, inositols, ergosterols, sterols and mycoflavenoides) thus making them available for us to consume.

We also offer de-alcoholized alternatives that still benefits from the ethanol extraction process. Alcohol is howerer then withdraw from the product by a separation that allows the actives principles to stay in the final product while the solvant is removed.

Calcification liberates biosoluble minerals, allowing for concentration of the actives principles when needed.

In sum, we pride ourselves on been innovators in the field of mycology, may it be therapeutic or life hygiene focussed, rooted in contemporary science and dynamised by traditionnal regenerative practices that we pledge to honor.

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